What is the best gauge to use on a stainless steel sink.

The choice of the best gauge for a stainless steel sink depends entirely on your need. Gauge is the unit used to measure steel thickness and refers to the stainless steel sink’s quality. Sinks with high gauge are incredibly resistant and durable.

The toughest steel sinks come in 18 to 16 gauge steel with chrome-nickel content, making them extra strong and durable. The higher the number gauge, the lower the quality and the thinner the steel. The 16 is the most recommended measure for sinks.

The Stainless steel kitchen sinks are easy to clean and will stay looking newer for longer when cared for right. But quality matters a lot.

The low quality steel will make your sink prone to scratches and spots. So, choose a suitable gauge for your stainless steel sink. So, while selecting the best stainless steel sink, Kraus Double Bowl 16 Gauge Under Mount Stainless Steel Sink is the most recommended.

What is the Best Gauge for a Stainless Steel Sink

Why Choose a Stainless Steel Sink?

If there is damage to your sink or it is time to invest in a replacement, going with a stainless steel kitchen sink is going to be your best bet. There are several other types of sinks on the market today, but most are not as durable as what stainless steel can offer.

A few decades ago, it was common for kitchen sinks to be constructed of porcelain or coated with enamel. These sinks were not as sturdy as their modern metal counterparts and would often chip and break. Stainless
steel kitchen sinks are the best way to ensure that you get the most for your money.

  1. First of all, the overall look is attractive and will match nearly any other kind of decor in your kitchen or home. Besides, because it is made up of a stainless alloy, it can withstand a lot more use, resist stains, and repel damage caused by moisture and food particles. 
  2. Cleaning a stainless steel kitchen sink is also a straightforward process.
  3. There is very little maintenance required with this kind of sink, and you can spend less time cleaning and making repairs and have more time to do the things you enjoy. So, a great choice if you do not want to devote a lot of extra time for cleaning and maintenance.

Hard water is generally not suitable for stainless steel sinks. But you can grab an excellent faucet to get rid of this issue. Check it out to choose the right faucet for you.

Factors To Consider While Selecting A Best Gauge Stainless Steel Sink

There are four things to think about when selecting a new kitchen sink: quality, style, finish, and dimensions. The size of the family, frequency in cooking food, etc. also should be considered while buying a sink for your kitchen.

The kitchen sink is just as valuable as other kitchen accessories such as the cabinets, the appliances, or anything else. So, you have to choose the sink wisely by taking a look at the following factors

1. Quality Of Stainless Steel

The term of the gauge can explain the quality. A lower gauge number refers to high quality. The products we reviewed also have a gauge of 16, which refers to excellent quality and thicker steel. The effects might seem a bit expensive but are best in terms of the quality of stainless steel.

2. Style Of The Sink

Before buying your stainless steel sink, consider the sink style that whether it’s single or double bowled. Choose a suitable one according to the size of your family and your daily kitchen chores. Large families may have large pots and pans to wash, which calls for king-sized stainless steel sinks. They are available as a single basin or as a double basin. A single large basin is usually suited for prominent families where the plates and pans can be rinsed easily for loading in the dishwasher. But, if you have fewer family members, a small one can also serve the purpose.

3. Finish

Ideally, the finish of the sink should be satin. The satin finish makes the sink easy to clean, masks the scratches, and long-lasting. So, must check for the finish before purchasing the sink boost the beauty of your kitchen.

4. Dimensions And Size

Before buying your kitchen sink, the primary consideration should be checking for the cabinet’s size so that the sink fits the best. However, most sinks available are of standard size and works well. But if you are purchasing it for the first time, you must consider the dimensions, or you’ll need to call for replacement.

Caring Tips For Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks are a common choice of many people because they are budget friendly, long-lasting, and easy to clean and maintain. However, these kinds of sinks are also prone to scratches and dents if you are not careful.

In the instance of a kitchen water leak, a stainless steel sink will amplify the sound. It includes the noise made by a drippy faucet. But these issues can be prevented if you take care of your sink. Follow the below-mentioned tips to make your sink last longer.

  1. Do not let the water sit and evaporate on the surface when you are done using the sink. It will cause it to have water spots. To prevent this from happening, dry it with a damp sponge or rag.
  2. If your sink has become stained or dirty, it is best to clean it as quickly as possible to prevent bacteria from setting in. It will be harder to clean once the dirt sets up.
  3. To clean the surface, it is best to use warm, soapy water to wipe away dirt and grime and then rinse the area carefully. Avoid using stiff brushes, as they may leave scratches that will be difficult to eliminate.

    Use mild cleaning agents and avoid the ones containing chlorine. Ammonia-based cleaners will be a good alternative for stainless steel sinks. Here are two recommend and best special stainless steel cleaners.
  4. Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner
  5. HOPE’S Perfect Stainless Steel Cleaner
    If you can’t afford the expensive cleaners, you can use vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. To clean your sink using peroxide, soak a sponge in it and then wipe down the sink.

16-18 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks You’ll Love

After a thorough search, we have shortlisted these five best stainless steel kitchen sinks. They are recommended solely based on quality. Also, the gauge of the steel was taken into account to ensure the quality of the product. We hope that these reviews and buying guides help you choose the right stainless steel sink for your kitchen.

Kraus Double Bowl 16 Gauge Under Mount Stainless Steel Sink (Our Recommendation)
source: amazon.com

1. Kraus Double Bowl 16 Gauge Under Mount Stainless Steel Sink (Our Recommendation)

Kraus Under-mount stainless steel kitchen sink will fit underneath the surface of your counter, giving a clean and tidy feel to your kitchen. Including all the required accessories is a super deep and wide sink that can easily accommodate even larger sized dishes.

It is also effortless to clean. After washing dishes, you’ ll need just a paper towel to clean it. Moreover, it is made up of thick stainless steel (16 gauge) and is prone to scratches and damage if used with care.

It usually comes with a pair of racks that help dry the dishes and protect the sink. You may face the issue of water splashing due to the deep body.

Also, it will catch up more space under your cabinet. So, you must check the dimensions carefully to prevent any hassle.

Pros & Cons

  • Large double Bowl
  • All required accessories are included.
  • Efficient drainage System
  • Ease of Cleaning Dishes
  • Rubber Insulation To Prevent Noise
  • Shiny Finish
  • Cup Style Removable Strainer to catch Food Particles
  • It may take a lot of room under your cabinet.

Find Kraus Double Bowl on Amazon.

Kraus Single Bowl 16-gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink (Best Under Mount Kitchen
source: amazon.com

2. Kraus Single Bowl 16-gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink (Best Under Mount Kitchen

This Kraus single bowl sink can give your kitchen a sleek, elegant, and attractive look due to its construction from the best quality (16 gauge) stainless steel.

The distinctive feature of the sink is an efficient sound-absorbing system. The sink has a stone guarded coating that absorbs the vibration while washing dishes.

Also, there is a small basket type strainer through which dirt particles can be caught easily. The grates coming along with the package helps prevent the base from scratching and are also useful for drying the dishes.

Also, the protective undercoating prevents harm to the kitchen cabinets. The sink has rounded corners that aid in cleaning, but some water spots may form on the sink after cleaning the dishes. So, you have to clean it right after usage and put some effort to remove the stains.

  • Deep Single Bowl
  • Corrosion Resistant Surface
  • Protective Stone Guard Coating (Damp Sound)
  • Satin Finish With Rounded Corners
  • Protective Bumpers to prevent scratching
  • Can accommodate Large Dishes
  • Good Drainage System
  • Tedious to Clean

Find Kraus Single Bowl on Amazon.

Kraus 16 Gauge Single Bowl Sink With Integrated Ledge (Best Sink For Multitasking)
source: amazon.com

3. Kraus 16 Gauge Single Bowl Sink With Integrated Ledge (Best Sink For Multitasking)

This model of Kraus has integrated ledge style and is specialized for multitasking. This design will give your kitchen a professional yet functional look as well.

The integrated ledge allows you to increase the area of the counter. The grates are also tough and can help in food preparation, making more room on the counter.

You can easily slide down the accessories which are not in use. The stainless steel is also durable and won’t dull after using it. It is prone to rust, stain, or crack and is undoubtedly long-lasting.

The sound damping and drainage system is also efficient. Additionally, the foldable drying rack, the cutting board, and the protective bottom rack well fit together outstandingly and increase the space for working out.

Thus, enhancing your working experience in the kitchen. Must check out this workstation to give your kitchen a professional look. The only issue faced is scratching but can be prevented by minimizing the use of abrasive sponges.

  • Large Spacious Single Bowl
  • Many Add-ons With the Sink
  • User Friendly
  • Portable Drain Assembly
  • Excellent Sound Absorbing System
  • Elegant Look
  • Scratches Easily

Find Kraus 16 Gauge Single Bowl Sink With Integrated Ledge on Amazon.

Ruvati 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
source: amazon.com

4. Ruvati 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink (Best Budget Sink)

It is the sense of style and the appearance that appeals so many people to Ruvati stainless steel sink. 

It is spot resistant and made up of a thicker stainless steel model and is best for busy kitchens. As an additional bonus, the mold and filth generally associated with sinks caulking will be a thing of history because it is fantastic for super easy cleanup.

You’ll love the efficient drainage system, the sound-absorbing capacity, and the sink’s basket strainer drain. Another potential advantage of this stainless steel sink is its ability to be free from scratches and scuffing. So, the sense of beauty and elegance won’t fade, and it will last longer.

It suits the specific needs and tastes of large families. Also, it is budget-friendly. A disadvantage of the sink is that the rack’s quality that comes along with the sink is a bit low. So, the frame requires proper maintenance daily.

  • Single Bowl Sink
  • Curved Edges, Ensuring Perfect Drainage 
  • Basket Strainer Drain
  • Tough And Durable Stainless Steel (16 Gauge)
  • Efficient Sound damping System
  • Satin Brushed Finish
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Stainless Steel Rack For Rinsing Dishes
  • The rack will become slimy if not cleaned regularly.

Find Ruvati 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink on Amazon.

Kraus Standard 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
source: amazon.com

5. Kraus Standard 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This Kraus sink can also be the right choice if you’re searching for beautiful looking sink specifically.

The sleek design and essential add-ons make it a recommended one. Also, noise-blocking and drainage systems are fantastic. Moreover, the spacious Bowl will let you wash larger dishes without any hassle.

The only con is that you have to rinse the sink after every use, and it might be unpleasant for you. You have to clean it properly after using it. So, check this out, and you’ll be on your way to give your kitchen a sleek, elegant, and attractive look.

  • Single Bowl
  • Resilient
  • Easy To Clean
  • Sound Proof
  • Many Additional accessories
  • Satin Shiny Finish
  • Cleaning Issues

Find Kraus Standard 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink on Amazon.

Bringing It All Together

The Kraus Double Bowl 16 Gauge Under Mount Stainless Steel Sink is the most efficient stainless steel kitchen sink. Acquiring all the necessary features will enhance your working experience in the kitchen. Another choice can be Ruvati 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink which will be budget-friendly for you.

So, make a suitable choice according to your demands. In conclusion, the stainless steel kitchen sinks are becoming popular because they offer a simple and uncluttered look and durability and corrosion resistance that enable them to last longer.

The sink’s quality varies depending on the gauge of steel, and the best gauge for a stainless steel sink is discussed in detail. So, try to shop for a lower gauge number as it translated better quality.

If you have no idea where to start, the above-reviewed sinks will do an excellent job to complement your kitchen decor.

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