7 Easy Steps How to use Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker

If you are worried about why the rice is not cooked properly, sometimes it burns, does not cook whole, or overcooks. And the rice sticks to the pot which is difficult to wash. To get rid of all these problems, there is a Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker which cooks the rice automatically. 

All you have to do is press the ‘Cook’ button, and it whistles when the rice is cooked but how do you know how to use it properly? In this article, we will guide you on how to use Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker both fundamentally and in-depth.

How to Use Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker

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These are the basic steps of cooking rice in a Hamilton Beach rice cooker:

  1. Measure the rice with a rice measuring cup
  2. Rinse the rice from the steamer basket until the water is clear
  3. Put the 1 cup of rice in a non-stick cooking pot
  4. Fill the water up to line 1.
  5. Soak the rice in water for 30 minutes if needed.
  6. Add salt and oil to taste (optional)
  7. Place the non-stick bowl in the cooker
  8. Close the lid
  9. Plugin the appliances
  10. Press the ‘Cook’ button
  11. Finish your work and relish.

If you want to use the rice cooker perfectly then read this article in full as we have given you many tips which will help you a lot.

How do you cook rice in a Hamilton Beach rice cooker? Step-by-Step Guide

1.Measure The Rice With A Rice Measuring Cup

Most rice cookers come with a rice measuring cup that can fit ¾ cup (180 ml). Some rice cookers have a pot remover and some have a fixer. Whenever it comes to choosing a rice cooker, any type of cooker – so its capacity is a big thing.

Cooker’s capabilities consist of three-cup, six-cup, and ten-cup. The capacity of the cooker indicates how many cups of rice can be cooked in it. So do not put 3 cups of raw rice in a three-cup cooker. It will make 3 cups of cooked rice.

The small cooker does not work well for large quantities of rice as it tends to overflow and vice versa. When one cup (240 ml) of raw rice is cooked, it becomes 1 ½ (360 ml) cups to 3 cups (720 ml) of cooked rice. It depends on the type of rice. So leave the space so the rice doesn’t come out.

2.Rinse The Rice Until The Water Is Clear

This second step is optional but if you are cooking soft rice, then there is nothing wrong with this step. Many people rinse rice so that whatever pesticides, herbs, or dust are present can be washed off with water.

If you are thinking of rinsing the rice, then put the rice in a bowl and put it under the faucet and let it fill with water, then stir until the rice is submerged. Then tilt the bowl and throw the dirty water down the drain into the sieve or with your hands to stop the rice from falling.

If the water is still white and has broken rice or dirt floating in it, wash the rice two to three times until the water is clear. Rinse and steam the same pot in the Hamilton Beach Rice cooker so you can rinse the rice in it.

3.Easy Step To Measure Water

Add water according to the rice you are cooking. It depends on the type of rice and how soft and moist you want to keep the rice. Here are the lines and marks on the inside walls of the rice cooker according to which water and rice have to be poured.

For any type of grain, whether it is small, medium, large in size, you can follow the ratio which is 1:1. This means a cup of rice and a cup of water. If you want to add more rice, follow the same recipe as two cups of water for two cups of rice (2:2). Easy!

But keep in mind that the ratio of water varies when you cook rice on the stovetop or in the microwave oven. These are other types of rice that add more water, as you can see in this chart.

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If you want to know in more detail, here is a description of each type of rice. We have taken this picture from RICELAND for reference.

4.Soak The Rice For 30 Minutes

This step is not necessary but if you want to cook rice quickly, soak the rice in water for thirty minutes. Soak in the same water as you have learned to measure the water before and then cook in the same water after 30 minutes.

5.Add Salt And Oil To Taste

The flavor should be added to the water before cooking so that it dissolves well and some people add salt and oil or butter while cooking the rice to make the rice soft and smooth. Putting bay leaves and a few cardamom seeds in water makes it taste even better.

6.Place The Non-Stick Bowl In The Cooker

If the cooking pot of your rice cooker is about to be removed when you put rice, water, salt, and oil in it, place the cooking pot back in the rice cooker and close the lid and plug the cooker and press the ‘Cook’ button. When the rice is cooked, it will make a clicking or beeping sound.

The rice cooks in the rice cooker for about 45 minutes. When the rice is cooked, it will automatically switch to the keep warm option. Do not lift the lid to check the rice as it makes its own steam so when it boils in water the rice is cooked and it stops cooking by itself.

7.Remove The Pot From The Cooker And Place It On The Dining Table.

When there is a click from the rice cooker, open the lid after a while. When you see that the rice water has dried and the rice is fully cooked, remove this cooking pot from the rice cooker.

The Hamilton Beach rice cooker comes with a spoon, stir the rice with the spoon and take out the steam and get ready to eat together. Enjoy!

We are confident that after reading this complete guide you can use Rice Cooker perfectly but we have some bonus tips that you should know so stay tuned.

Here you can learn fast about how to use the Hamilton Beach rice cooker

Some Basic Tips You Should Keep In Your Mind

  • How To Cook Rice In Rice Cooker Without Sticking.

Especially if your cooker is not non-stick then spray the cooker with pan spray or apply a little butter, the rice does not stick. It helps a lot in the rice cooker and if your cooker is non-stick but it has scratches on it. Even then, this tip will work.

How long does it take to make rice in a rice cooker? In a pressure cooker, white rice is made in 8 minutes and brown rice in 20 minutes, but in a rice cooker, it takes 45 to 50 minutes.

  • Rice Cooker Water Ratio

Usually, the ratio of water in the rice cooker is 1:1 which we think is perfect because according to this ratio we cook rice perfectly and soft whenever we cook it. One cup of rice in two cups of water means this ratio.

  • Can You Put The Rice Cooker In The Dishwasher?

Just like you can’t wash other electric elements with water, you can’t put a rice cooker in a dishwasher.

You can just take out the non-stick cooking pot and wash it with a soft sponge because the rice does not stick to it.

  • Can you cook only rice in a rice cooker?

As we have said before that it also has a steamer, so you can cook steamed food in it. Such as steam vegetables, soups, beans, oatmeal, and other cereals, stew, etc.

And to see other recipes you can go to this Hamilton beach website.

  • Specific Instructions for using the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker

Must read the Hamilton beach rice cooker instructions. We know you’re going to be bored reading this, but we’ve got a very important guide that you need to know about it.

  1. Be careful when you lift the cooking pot from the base after the rice is fully cooked. It takes half an hour to cool down, it is best to use oven gloves to hold it.
  2. Avoid overloaded electric circuits. Don’t install other appliances with very high voltage in the same circuit in which you install your appliances.
  3. Wash the cooking pot thoroughly before using the cooker and follow the cleaning instructions. 
  4. Make sure that the cooking pot rotates to the left and right of the base and sits well. The bottom of the cooking pot should not be buckle otherwise it will not get heat properly.
  5. Do not fill more than ten cups of water in the cooking pot. Pour water according to the number of lines in the cooking pot.

We hope now all your questions are solved about usages of rice cooker but still, some people are confused about they should need to buy a rice cooker or not. In this article, we explained which people need a rice cooker.

Should You Buy a Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker?

Most people find it difficult to cook rice because they do not know how much water to take. Either their rice is left raw or overcooked. Often burns if you forget to put the cooker on the stove. The dishes deteriorate which is difficult to wash.

In this case, the rice cooker solves all these problems. Since its cooking pot is non-stick, the rice cannot stick. Secondly, if the rice is cooked in it automatically, then you do not need to monitor it.

There is a whistling sound after the rice is cooked and it stops cooking on its own, so there are very few chances of burning. It is light in weight and easy to hold. The rice in it is not perfectly cooked but it is better for college and university students as it is reasonably priced and can be taken anywhere.

After this guide, if you think you need a rice cooker then we recommend reading our buying guide.

Buyer Guide

There are some important factors to keep in mind before buying a rice cooker. It’s hard to find a suitable rice cooker that fits into your budget and is sustainable. Consider these factors for choosing the right cooker. This will help you buy which cooker meets your need

Rice Ripening Capacity

The first aspect of choosing a rice cooker is its size and volume. Its volume indicates how much rice it can cook in one cycle. If you live alone, a ten-cup capacity cooker is too much for you so you should not buy a ten-cup capacity cooker. 1 to 3 cup rice cookers are great for one to two householders.

Similarly, a cooker with 2 to 5 cups of rice would be better for a small family and a rice cooker with 4 to 8 cups is a lot for a medium family. There is a cooker with 8 to 12 cups of rice for a large family and not only that but there is also a rice cooker with 32 cups for large groups, industries, businesses, and even more.

Automatically Shuts Off And Keep Warm

All the rice cookers we have tested the feature that whenever the rice is cooked, the rice cooker automatically shuts off and goes to the warm option which keeps the rice warm for a long time.

The Quality Of The Bowl

It is important to check the quality of the bowl to see if it is a non-stick and what material it is made of. Many rice cookers have an aluminum or stainless steel cooking pot. Aluminum tests have shown that food cooks faster in such pots because it heats up faster.

The rice does not stick to the non-stick and is easily cleaned with water. The inside pot is also protected from marks and scratches which makes your cooker last longer and does not deteriorate quickly.

Rice Cooker Accessories

Almost all rice cookers come with a measuring cup. The size of this cup is standard. If the size of the cooker is large then the measuring cup may be according to this. Other accessories include a spatula for serving rice and a steam basket and tray for cooking other things besides rice.


Most of the rice cookers used are standard cook/warm but some models have separate cooking functions. The features of Standard Cooker are: keep warm function, quick-cooking function, delay timer, bell and whistle function, a digital display, an automatic cleaning mode, menu option, and more.

Keep An Eye On The Weight And Size Of The Cooker

Consider the space of your kitchen counter whenever you buy a cooker. Sometimes the size of the cooker is large but it has the capacity to cook only three to five cups of rice. You can also consider its weight, especially when you have to move the cooker from one place to another.

Consider A Reasonable Price

The most important part of buying a cooker is the price. You may have a cheap cooker in your eyes but it has not worked for more than a year, it will break down quickly and you will need to take another cooker instead.

And it may be that the cooker you are looking for has all the features but your pocket does not allow you to buy it. Don’t be poor. Be moderate and look for a cooker that is reasonably priced and the quality of the cooker is even better. Buying a Rice Cooker Considering a Budget. You can see our best pickup blow!.

Our Best Pickup

81DS0bClg0L. AC SX679
Source: Amazon

The design of the rice cooker is such that it can be carried and handled very easily. The rice rinser/steam basket in one. Capable of cooking 2 to 8 cups of rice (4 Uncooked). Very convenient and one-touch operation. Automatically switches after cooking to keep warm.

Includes rice measuring cup and rice paddle. This cooker weighs 2.9 and has a width of 8.25 x 9.74 x 9.88 inches. The lid can be easily removed for cleaning. Control of the cooking with an adjustable timer, countdown, and progress indicators kitchen cooking with easy to read display.

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Source: Amazon

If your family is large, this is a large capacity Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker with a capacity of 20 cups of cooked rice and 10 cups of uncooked rice in one batch. It not only cooks rice but also other things like porridge, grits, oatmeal, and macaroni.

Click here to find this on Amazon.

71kWhMpYNWL. AC SX679
Source: Amazon

This Hamilton Beach Advanced Multi-Function, Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker is high quality. It has many advanced functions and options that make it modern. It can cook 16 cups of rice and 8 cups of uncooked rice.

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If you have a little space, budget, patience then consider buying the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker and Food Steamer. It may not make perfect rice every time and its cooking functions are limited, but it is easy to use. 

You don’t have to stand in front of the stove all the time just by pressing the ‘Cook” button. It’s at a reasonable price compared to other cookers but does a rice cooker reduce your kitchen chores? Or does this rice cooker keep its promise?

We have decided to let you know what you think about it. We will wait. Thanks!

We’ve tried our best to give you complete guidance on how to use Rice Cooker, but if you still don’t understand something, read the FAQs section.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

How much water do you put in a Hamilton Beach rice cooker?

There are separate calculations for each rice. Depending on the type of rice used, there may be more or less water. Usually, you would fill up to three lines of water on the cooking pot if you put three rice cups into it.

Is a measuring cup of rice necessary?

Don’t throw away the measuring cup of rice at all as it is a very important tool for cooking rice and its size is standard. The size of the rice measuring cup is equal to 6 oz. or about 3/4 cup according to the US standard.

How much does a Hamilton beach rice cooker cost?

The price of a Hamilton Beach rice cooker is about $30 which is quite cheap of all cookers. We think its price is reasonable.

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