5 Best Cheap Food Processors under $75

Whether you’re an experienced cook, or are unsure about how to cook and prepare your meals, there is bound to come a time when you want to cook something for your family. Maybe you want to prepare a quick dinner for your family on a weeknight, or maybe you’re just looking to learn how to cook with a budget in mind. Whatever your purpose, this article can assist you in finding the best cheap food processor for your needs.

You might be overwhelmed by the continuous search about the best cheap food processors. But just stop here and find out the best for you by taking into account all the required factors.

The food processor has provided the modern-day home chef with the ability to transform basic healthy food ingredients into a wide variety of delicious meals, drinks, and side dishes.

Whether your recipe is for an appetizer, a main, a dessert, side-dish, or healthy drink, food processors and blenders will provide you with innovative, healthy, and tasty meals and drinks in next to no time. Knead, chop, blend, slice, mince, dice, puree, grate, and shred your way to quick and healthy homemade recipes.

After reading the article, you will get the information you need to make a good choice that which food processor is going to work the best in your kitchen. Once you narrow down the specifications for you, you can look at the various models and then pick the one that is going to offer you the most versatility and food processing power.

Best Cheap Food Processor

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Cheap Food Processor 

The best food processor makes life easier, at least in the kitchen! If you are a first-time buyer or your trusty food maker has finally failed you, read the factors you need to consider below to make sure that you know what to look for and find the best one for you in a limited budget.

1. Power

Do not settle for low-quality processors that do nothing but waste your time. Look for one that can handle the tough jobs like chopping raw vegetables (carrots, broccoli, etc.), kneading stiff dough, and grating hard cheese. Otherwise, you’ll risk burning out the motor when you run it too long or hard. For a full-sized food processor, go for one that has a motor of at least 450 watts. However, if you are not going to use your food processor that often or if you will only use it to chop garlic, onions, and whatnot, a less powerful unit can serve you well.

2. Features

The basic food processor only has one motor speed, and it usually has a small chute at the top that allows you to easily add ingredients. The pusher that comes with the unit fits into the tube and it helps you insert larger items without cutting your fingers. Always choose a model that has a “pulse” button to give a small gush of power. This will come in handy when kneading biscuit dough or when you want a rough chop for your veggies. Also, carefully look at the other features before buying.

3. Size

3-cup food processor is big enough for you to make sauces, dips, pesto, purees, and salsa. It can also handle enough pie dough to make 1 to 2 pies. A 10-cup food processor on the other hand is great for excessive use. The size that’s best for you should be based on the number of people you cook for and what types of recipes you frequently prepare. A family of four will be well served with an 8 cup or 10-cup. Check out the Hamilton Beach (70730) 10-Cup Food Processor as it is the best cheap food processor and has a good size.

4. Attachments and Accessories

Most high-end food processors come with a variety of attachments that will allow you to maximize the use of the machine. Some units include different sizes of work bowls, blades, and disks. The selection of blades and disks can grate food at various degrees of thickness. Some have attachments that will let you use the machine as a citrus juicer. Don’t get too excited with all the added attachments though. It’s still important to consider whether you would use them or not.

5. Ease of Cleaning

The food processor components should have the ability to separate from the main motor housing to enable the accessory parts to be interchangeable. This also has the advantage of making then easier to clean. Keep an eye out for ease of cleaning whether that means just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth or the parts are dishwasher friendly.

Top 5 Best Food Processors Pickup

If you like to juice and chop up your food finely, you need the right appliance to do it and the important thing is to choose it wisely. Nothing in this world is flawless.

So, as is the case with food processors. But you need to make a good choice. So, here we have mentioned the cons clearly so that you can decide according to your needs. Read these 5 Best Cheap Food Processor Honest Reviews to choose the best one for you.

Look 5 Best Cheap Food Processor under $75 at a Glance

Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor (Best Cheap Food Processor)
source: amazon.com

1 – Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor (Best Cheap Food Processor)

The food processor has become an essential accessory in most kitchens, but there has always been a view that it must be easier to use.

For example, it does not seem right that you have to cut vegetables into smaller pieces adding in the processor. The Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor solves a lot of these problems.

The 525-watt motor is very powerful, making it easy to prepare the foods that you want. Also, it has a storage capacity of 10 cups. And once when you are done, cleaning is easy.

All of the accessories are dishwasher safe and the motor can be cleaned with wipes easily. The food processor is easy to use, with the following advantages.

  • Versatile
  • Easy to Clean
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • 10 Cup Capacity
  • Easy To Handle
  • Do not require large space
  • A bit noisy

Click here to Hamilton Beach (70670) Food Processor on Amazon.

Homeasy Stainless Steel Food Processor (Best Food Processor Under $50)
source: amazon.com

2 – Homeasy Stainless Steel Food Processor

Food processors are used to preparing food in less time with great ease. If you have used such appliances before you will know that is not always the case, but Homeasy Food Processor delivers as promised. It will speed up cooking and food preparation, allowing you to spend more time doing other, more important things.

The design, capacity of the bowl, and the power are just amazing. The processor has two speeds to choose from and is easy to use. Check this chopper out to enhance your cooking experience.

  • Made up stainless steel
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Durable
  • Double Blades
  • Small Size
  • Easy to Clean
  • Perfect Grinding
  • The blades seem a bit flimsy.

Click here to find Homeasy Stainless Steel Food Processor on Amazon.

Cuisinart 4-Cup Food Processor (Best Small Food Processor)
source: amazon.com

3 – Cuisinart 4-Cup Food Processor (Best Small Food Processor)

Small food processors are becoming more common because they get the job done without taking up a lot of space and are also inexpensive. With 250 watts of power, the Cuisinart food processor is powerful enough to chop, blend, mix, and more but at a smaller scale.

This food processor has a bowl that can accommodate 4 cups. The lid and bowl are both BPA free and the blade is made of stainless steel and has an easy process of operation. You can also add wet ingredients to this appliance so that you can easily chop up, mix, and puree any foods that you need for your favorite recipes.

  • Free Instructions Book
  • 18 Month Warranty
  • Touch Control
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Long-Lasting
  • Not powerful- Do not put an extensive load

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Hamilton Beach (70730) 10-Cup Food Processor (Best Budget Food Processor)
source: amazon.com

4 – Hamilton Beach (70730) 10-Cup Food Processor (Best Budget Food Processor)

The Hamilton Beach (70730) Food Processor is an affordable appliance that adds amazing quality to your kitchen. This machine makes it easy to make soups, puree, grate cheese, and more.

It is not only inexpensive but also delivers more features than some of the expensive ones. The vast majority of people who have bought it have been impressed with the unit itself and with the accessories which have been designed to make food processing in domestic kitchens even easier.

  • 450 W of Power
  • 2 Speeds
  • 10 Cup Capacity
  • Dishwasher Safe Bowl
  • Easy to Clean
  • No issues of sticking food
  • Super Easy To Use
  • Be fair warned: if you fill this appliance up with too much liquid, a mess is going to result.

Click here to find Hamilton Beach (70730) on Amazon.

Hamilton Beach (70725A) Food Processor Review (Best Food Processor for Size)
source: amazon.com

5 – Hamilton Beach (70725A) Food Processor Review (Best Food Processor for Size)

Next on our best list is the Hamilton Beach (70725A) food processor. This high-quality product is reasonably priced and is durable.

You can obtain this powerful, versatile food processor that easily prepares all of your favorites. It comes with all of the features you will need to make the time you spend in the kitchen more efficient.

The main consideration factor is size. It is a medium-size food processor with a capacity of 12 cups and necessary specifications needed in the kitchen. If 12 cup food processor is not the right size for you, then you can check Cuisinart 4-Cup Mini Food Processor as well.

  • Power of 450 W
  • Large Chute
  • In a bowl, storage makes your life easy
  • Lid, bowl, and blades are dishwasher safe
  • Easy to Use Machine
  • Durable
  • Disassembling Issues
  • Blade Stuck

Click here to find Hamilton Beach (70725A) Food Processor on Amazon.

Advantages of Buying a Food Processor

Food processors are an essential kitchen appliance from which you can prepare your favorite dishes in an easier manner. This appliance essentially makes it a lot easier to prepare things like fruits and vegetables so that you can avoid having to use a knife to do it. This will save you a lot of time throughout the course of a week, especially if you try to make fresh and homemade meals as much as possible.

This is a very versatile appliance that you can use for many steps in the food preparation process. Buying the best cheap food processor will bring the following advantages.

1. Pureeing Sauces and Soups

Being able to make your sauces and soups saves you money, allows you to tailor the amount and it ensures that you can customize the taste. You simply combine the ingredients and run them through your food processor until they are the consistency you desire. If your food processor is large enough, you can also use this to can and preserve several soups and sauces so that you always have them on hand.

2. Making Dough

You can make a variety of dough types when you have the best food processor. You can knead and make dough for bread, as well as make pasta dough if you want to make your pasta at home. This is very easy to do and it will save you a lot of money on buying pasta. You also control the ingredients so you can make your pasta as healthy as possible.

3. Making Homemade Mayonnaise

You know that the mayo that you buy in the store is not exactly healthy, but if you make it at home, you can reduce some of the unhealthy ingredients while still making a tasty sandwich spread. Just make sure that you play around with the recipe so that once you perfect it, the mayo that you make tastes good and has the right consistency.

4. Dips, Spreads, and Salsa

Being about to make your dips, spreads, and salsa, as well as your pesto, will save you a lot of time and money. Making these requires that you do a lot of grinding and chopping, so having a good food processor makes the job a lot faster and easier. You can also fully tailor the amount and the flavor of those that you make.

5. Grinding Nuts

Many recipes called for chopped nuts and it can be hard to find these in many grocery stores. If you have to chop them at home, a food processor is the only way to get the job done quickly and well. You can grind up any type of nut with this.

6. Making Crumbs

If you need cookie or bread crumbs for a recipe, use your food processor to make them. You will be able to ensure that everything is fully chopped up into crumb-sized pieces. You can also choose larger chunks if you prefer.

Summing Up

There is an overwhelming number of best cheap food processor reviews out there to sift through, but now you no longer have to worry about which ones you should pay attention to. if you want more useful information please click here.

If you’re looking for the best cheap food processor, the models we’ve listed above are guaranteed to surpass your expectations. Check them out, and you’re sure to love what you’ll get.

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